Hypnotic Hosting was born in July 2019 from 2 very different business's.  One was a successful business called Blue Hornet Hosting and the other was a run down business where the owner had taken all his clientele for a ride, almost blackmailing them for more funding then leaving them high and dry.

Then through good fortune that clientele base was taken on by this 1st business and given most of what they'd lost back in the form of a service which they had paid for and did not receive . not everyone was happy at this takeover and subsequently tried their hardest to take down our new business plan but we have persevered over the past year and are now getting the business running the way we want,

Hopefully this will continue in the future for many years to come.

We would also like to thank the patrons that have stuck with us through the bad times. 


We are a young and innovative website with a tendency to modern technology. We have made our mission to make your daily life easier. 

A large number of customers have already realized this and are excited about our innovative and successful concepts of focusing on fundamentals. 


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